My Poison


Hello-ho *wave*
I'm a german girl who loves to listen to japanese rock music and to watch doramas! Well... I like all other stuff that is related to Japan, too. But don't worry! I'm not obsessed by it! I like some american and german music, too. But the japanese culture is more intersting I think^^
So I really like to read books, novels and manga. I'm kinda skilled in drawing (my friends told me that) and I love to go to concerts!!!!

I went to:

2006.05.27 Dir en grey Berlin first concert ever ^.^ just perfect, ne!
2006.11.24 D'espairsRay Glauchau just LOVE (*o~) they are great!!!!
2006.12.01 Merry Munich Gara is the freakiest person I've ever seen on stage (<.<)
2006.12.15 kagerou Berlin last live (T^T) pitty! But the concert was fun after all!
2007.03.31 MUCC & Balzac Couplingtour Berlin *yey* that was hard core *lol* moshed all the time^^
2007.05.19 -ayabie- Berlin my first para-para show^^ and I'm totally fallen in love
2007.06.23 J-Shock-Festival Cologne AWESOME! *nothing more to add* *girugamesh flag wave*
2007.07.29 -miyavi- Bonn MYV ROCKZ and RULZ (O~O) GREAT!!!!!!!!!
2007.08.10 Dir en grey Dresden wish I wouldn't had this ugly cold *sniff*
2007.09.15 girugamesh Berlin okay~~~ they are my biggest love *hehe*
2007.12.29 J-Rock Invasion Cologne *speechless* it was unbelievable... I mean... WOW!!!
2008.05.31 -ayabie- Berlin TWO concerts in row... thats HEAVY!!! but it was all
2008.06.01 -ayabie- Cologne problems worth. It was FUN and FUN and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE
2008.10.16 Black:List / exist†trace Cologne it was just AMAZING!!! So much fun and such a little concert hall
2008.11.21 Dio
Berlin GALS POGGO!!!!!! That was fun XD
2009.05.13 girugamesh Berlin hard core rock PARTY!!!! I LUV YA!!!!
2009.07.29 D'espairsRay Berlin Like I always said: D'espa HAVE to come to Berlin! And it was GREAT!
2009.10.10 Dio Berlin kinda lonely... my gals were to busy for me. But the concert itself was FUN!
2009.10.18 MUCC Berlin OMG! My whole budy hurts (X_x) it was such an impact! (*__*)

and I want to go to:
dunno... no more concerts I'm intersted in are announced yet...